Wind Energy


Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) is studying the renewable energy potential in Sarawak. One element of this process is the identification of suitable sites for wind energy capture. SEB is seeking to identify sites in Sarawak where wind energy capture would be economically, socially and environmentally viable. This report provides a wind resource map of suitable resolution to underpin SEB site selection activities.

The coarse resolution wind resource map presents a modelled mean wind speed for the year 2008 at 75 m Above Ground Level (AGL) a nominal wind turbine hub height. The purpose of the Sarawak wind resource map is to identify areas of higher relative mean wind speeds across the state. The year 2008 may not necessarily be representative of the long-term average wind speed. However, the 2008 year was used as it matches the airport mast data provided for 2008 and allowed correlations between the two data sets. 

In general, the modelled data is best applied to compare the wind speed between different regions to identify locations with better potential for wind energy (and then focusing efforts on those regions), or as a long-term data source in the absence of other data to look at long-term trends. Consequently the results of modelled data should be considered to be an indication of relative wind speeds rather than absolute wind speeds, and on-site monitoring is required to determine actual wind speeds. On site monitoring should then be used to develop a business case.