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Frequently Asked Questions on Sarawak Electricity Supply

Sarawak Energy is actively constructing new transmission, distribution lines and substations to meet the increasing demands and expectations. Over the next 5 years, the length of the transmission network will be doubled and Sarawak Energy is also upgrading its control systems to minimize the risk of blackout in the future.

Hydropower is developed to support the State’s SCORE industrialization programme, which is aimed at safeguarding the wellbeing of our future generations. Without industrialization, our economy will become stagnant and there will not be enough job opportunities for our sons and daughters. Although there is sufficient electricity in Sarawak in the short term (3-5 years), it is necessary to continue developing the resources to ensure continuing investment and creating more employment opportunities for people of Sarawak to enjoy a higher income and better standard of living. Furthermore, prudent hydropower developments are proven to be a catalyst for better jobs and sustainable business opportunities for the people in rural areas.

Most SCORE industries are multinational corporations that will be held to international environmental standards as their products are sold in the international market. The relevant agencies including DOE (Department of Environment) and NREB (Natural Resources and Environment Board Sarawak) have stringent environmental compliance that must be met at all times.

For the sake of our environment, every individual must act responsibly, be diligent and work together to ensure that our economic aspiration does not jeopardize the health of our land and water ways, which need to be preserved for our future generations.