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Energy Cost Of Appliances

It's always good to know how much energy an appliance actually uses. When you can plan your energy usage, you get to use it wisely and not wastefully. The following information indicates about how much energy your household appliances use and how much they cost to operate each month.

Please keep in mind that these figures are only estimates. The actual consumption of your appliances may vary greatly, depending on such things as size of your family, the size and age of your appliances, and how often they are used.



If your appliance is not listed in the chart or if the wattage is different, you can determine the approximate operating cost if you know three things :

  1. Wattage of the appliance (usually found in a metal plate or etched into the appliance).
  2. Number of hours you use your appliance.
  3. Amount you pay per kilowatt-hour for electricity.

When you have these three numbers, use the following formula to find the cost of using your appliance.



e.g A 130 watts TV set is used for 5 hours daily. Therefore the cost of using the TV set daily would be

130w x 5hours x RM0.29

            = RM0.19

Assuming that the usage is constant, the cost for using TV set for a month (assume 30 days) would be

0.19 cent x 30 days = RM5.70