Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present and future generations.
The core of Sarawak Energy’s approach to sustainability is to create the wealth required to understand and properly manage social and environmental issues.

In doing so, we make sure that decision makers and affected communities have access to full information about the impact of our projects on people and the environment.

This is why we have become a Sustainability Partner of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and use the IHA’s Sustainability Assessment Protocol to measure and report against a full range of measures of sustainability.

All of Sarawak Energy’s major projects are subject to a Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). A SEIA is a formal, comprehensive study designed to properly understand and mitigate the impact of our projects. Sarawak Energy undertakes SEIA’s to meet relevant international standards and will publish the relevant reports so that they can be accessed by affected communities and the general public.

Hydropower development often involves resettlement. In partnership with the Sarawak Government, Sarawak Energy will be guided by relevant international standards for future projects in the resettlement of affected residents. This means that affected communities are kept well informed about our new projects and have a real say on the issues that will affect their lives in their new homes.