Murum Resettlement Action Plan

Murum resettled communities at their new home.

The Murum Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) is a long term comprehensive plan that incorporates the views of the affected communities including their preferred relocation site. It was developed in accordance with best practices and international standards as specified in United Nations Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and the International Hydropower Association (IHA) Sustainability Assessment Protocol.
Stakeholders were engaged both directly and through government intermediaries prior to, during and after the implementation of the project. This tradition of engagement and community care continues today.
Sarawak Energy’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department has a team that is fully dedicated to the welfare of the Murum communities. Since the relocation in 2013, our community relations officers who are from local indigenous communities have been permanently based in Murum.
Their priority is to continue to help the villagers, particularly the Penans who previously lived a semi-nomadic life to transition into a new way of life that now includes permanent access to fundamental amenities such as water, electricity and education and modern conveniences.
Overall, the community in Murum have expressed their appreciation of the assistance provided by Sarawak Energy and we continue to work closely with them as well as the relevant government agencies to address any remaining issues.
Through programmes run in partnership with the Murum Penan communities, government and pro-development NGO’s, the following improvements have been recorded as a direct result of the resettlement:

The Murum Penan Literacy Programme has received both national and international recognition

Students at SK Tegulang and SK Metalun receive continuous support to motivate them in their studies. Florida Havit (in the pic) is a Murum-based community relations officer from the Orang Ulu community which the Penans also belongs to.

The Literacy Social Inclusion Programme uplifts the level of literacy in Bahasa Malaysia and English of the students.

Literacy and Education: There is now general access to education and improved attendance and performance in schools. Four hundred adult Penans are now able to read and write through the internationally recognised Penan Literacy Programme.

Citizenship Rights: 800 Penans now have MyKads and Birth Certificates whereas previously, they did not have these papers.

Employability and Livelihood: Murum youth are undergoing skills training to improve employability while sustainable livelihood programmes and entrepreneurship and handicraft development initiatives are ongoing to augment income. Sarawak Energy's corporate gifts are sourced from the community.

Mobility: With better infrastructure and roads, there is connectivity and more independence and mobility within the community, with better access to rural growth centres such as the Sungei Asap Bakun Resettlement Scheme

Housing & Amenities: From make-shift huts, Murum Penan communities now enjoy well maintained permanent modern housing with 24-hour electricity supply and piped water.

Cultural Preservation: Through the annual Murum Penan Festival and Batu Tungun ritual, younger and future generations of Penan are able to experience what would have been a vanishing culture. Other Sarawak Energy sponsored projects include the cross-community project to weave the longest mat in the world captured in the Mat Weavers Tale Documentary as well as a Sape Album.

Local Wealth Creation: Small business and employment opportunities are being created through partnerships with the resident community development committee, overseen by local government authorities and Sarawak Energy.

While there is much to be proud of, we acknowledge that there is still work to be done before this becomes a fully mature and settled community. We are partnering government agencies and the community themselves to close out elements of the RAP that need to be addressed.

The resettled communities now enjoy 24-hour electricity supply.

The launch of the “Sape Classics from Belaga” album. Proceeds from album sale go towards the musicians as well as the community development committee.

The handicraft development programmes benefit the ladies by ensuring an additional source of income.

Some of the Murum artisans along with two of Sarawak Energy’s community relations officers who are based in Murum, Florida Havit (standing left) and Alis Ekan (fourth left), participating at the recent Sarawak Handicraft Festival in Kuching.

Mr Labang Paneh heads the Murum Penan Development Committee (MPDC) that works together with Sarawak Energy on sustainable community programmes.

Sarawak Energy welcomes ideas and constructive comments from NGO's willing to contribute in a positive way to the programs being undertaken at the resettlement area. We invite pro- development NGO’s that are concerned about community wellbeing to partner us on programmes to benefit the Murum people to counter efforts by associations intent on denying Sarawak’s remote communities much needed access to basic amenities, development and assistance.


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