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Our Vision, Mission & Values

To achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for Sarawak by meeting the region’s need for reliable, renewable energy.



To realise our vision, we will:
  • Pursue opportunities for growth by fully developing the Sarawak Government’s SCORE agenda.
  • Ensure our own safety and the safety of others with a commitment to do 'no harm to anyone at any time'.
  • Provide a reliable supply of clean, competitively priced energy to support the economic and social development of Sarawak and our partners in the region.
  • Operate as a business, based on principles that reward our owners and employees, and delight our customers.
  • Honour the trust placed in us by the people of Sarawak, by acknowledging and respecting them and contributing to their well-being.
  • Set and achieve high ethical and corporate standards that are a source of pride for our employees, customers and owners.
  • Develop our people, leadership and teamwork to build an agile, open, corporate and customer focused culture that responds to challenges and the need for change with innovation and cooperation.
  • Harness and utilise natural resources in a sustainable and responsible way.
  • Achieve operational excellence through a commitment to continual improvement and best practices.



We do what is right in every aspect of our business, and in every contact with our people, customers, contractors and the community.


We are one business, working together and sharing information and expertise to achieve our common vision for the future.

We value our diversity, listen well, involve others, use our best judgement in all situations and actively care for our relationships.

We work hard, take responsibility for our performance and deliver on our commitments.

We respect and support each other to do what is right, and in the best interests of our company and the community, even it is not easy to do so.